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Suffolk County On Demand Bus Continues in Southampton


Many constituents in Sag Harbor are using the Suffolk County On Demand Bus. Thanks to Legislator Fleming, who launched the program on June 16th. Since then, ridership has increased. Sean Winkle, a frequent passenger from Noyack, commented that “this service is so helpful. I don’t have a car, so being able to get into town and get to work on time is great. I am very grateful for this new program.” Others also commented on how it is important to reduce traffic congestion, and they see the On Demand pilot as a way to address traffic concerns. Simon Cannavan and wife Mariana from Sag Harbor said “we like to take the bus to dinner instead of driving because it is better for the environment and we save gas money.”
Suffolk County Transportation notes that 44% of riders are using the On Demand bus at least three times in a given week. These riders are getting dropped off on our local main streets and downtown areas, helping to stimulate our business corridors and proving that the availability of public transportation does lead to increased economic activity.
Legislator Fleming stated “Public transportation is a catalyst for regional economic growth. Every dollar that is invested in public transportation generates approximately $4 in economic return. According to the American Public Transportation Association, increased investment in public transportation can lead to significant long-term economic growth.”
For more information on how to use the bus, search for “Suffolk Transit On Demand” in the app store or visit: sct-bus.org/ondemand.html — You can also call 631-818-2982